Prague, August 26 – 30, 2013

Contributed Talks

Toyohiko Aiki: Large time behavior of a solution to a two-scale problem as mathematical model for sulfate attack in sewer pipes

Richard Andrášik: Primal-dual nonlinear rescaling method with dynamic scaling parameter update for the optimization arising from 3D contact problems

María Anguiano: Asymptotic behaviour of non-autonomous systems

Giselle Antunes Monteiro: Continuous dependence of solutions of generalized linear differential equations on a parameter

Irina V. Astashova: On asymptotic behavior of solutions to Emden-Fowler type higher-order differential equations

Gia Avalishvili: On investigation of a dynamical thermoelastic model with two phase-lags

Miroslav Bartušek: Limit-point/limit-circle problem for quasilinear second order equations with damping

Jiří Benedikt: Estimates of the principal eigenvalue of the \(p\)-Laplacian and the \(p\)-biharmonic operator

Cristian Bereanu: Dirichlet problems with the mean curvature operator in Minkowski space

Dana Bereanu: Periodic solutions for singular perturbations of the singular \(\phi\)-Laplacian operator

Handan Borluk: New numerical results on some Boussinesq-type wave equations

Abdallah Bradji: A new error estimate for a fully finite element discretization scheme for parabolic equations using Crank-Nicolson method

Abdallah Bradji: Some new error estimates for finite element methods for second order hyperbolic equations using the Newmark method

Alessandro Calamai: Forced oscillations for second order ODEs on a class of implicitly defined manifolds

Luis Castro: Boundary value problems governed by the Helmholtz equation in a half-plane with an obstacle perpendicular to the boundary

Aurelian Cernea: On the existence of solutions for a nonlinear differential inclusion

Valery B. Cherepennikov: Polynomial quasisolutions method for some linear differential difference equations of mixed type

Gyeong-Mi Cho: Kernel function based interior-point algorithms for symmetric optimization problems

Giuseppina D’Aguì: Elliptic problems with variable exponent and nonhomogeneous Neumann conditions

Jaydev Dabas: Impulsive neutral fractional functional differential equation with state dependent delay and an integral condition

Łukasz Dawidowski: Scales of Banach spaces, theory of interpolation and their applications

Raj Narayan Dhara: On one extension theorem dealing with weighted Orlicz-Slobodetskii space on the boundary of domain

Nilay Duruk Mutlubaş: On periodic solutions of a model equation for surface waves of moderate amplitude in shallow water

Aldona Dutkiewicz: On the existence of solutions of ordinary differential equations in Banach spaces

Jozef Džurina: Oscillation of the even order delay differential equation

Chikahiro Egami: Rhythmic phenomenon of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction catalyzed by cerium and ferroin

Michela Eleuteri: Fatigue accumulation in oscillating thermoelastoplastic structures with hysteresis - part I (modelling)

Husnu Ata Erbay: The Cauchy problem for a general class of doubly dispersive nonlocal nonlinear wave equations

Saadet Erbay: Existence of solitary waves for a class of nonlocal nonlinear equations

Albert Erkip: Thresholds for global existence and blow-up in a general class of doubly dispersive nonlocal wave equations

Carlos Escudero: Existence results for a fourth order PDE arising in condensed matter physics

Marcia Cristina A. B. Federson: Measure neutral functional differential equations as generalized ODEs

Jaqueline da Costa Ferreira: Method of Lyapunov functions for impulsive semidynamical systems

Alexey V. Filinovskiy: On the estimates to the eigenvalues of a Robin problem

Simona Fišnarová: Local and global estimates for modified Riccati equation in half-linear oscillation theory

Matteo Franca: Multiplicity results for the scalar curvature equation

Jan Franců: On modeling torsion of a bar with multi-connected profile

Dana Fraňková: A norm and two metrics in the space of regulated functions

Sergio Frigeri: Recent results on nonlocal diffuse-interface models for binary fluids

Takeshi Fukao: Abstract theory of variational inequality and application to nonlinear PDE

Dorota Gabor: Homotopy invariants detecting global bifurcations of solutions to multiparameter differential problems

Valery A. Gaiko: The termination principle and bifurcation geometry of polynomial dynamical systems

Evgeny Galakhov: Blow-up for differential inequalities with singularities on unbounded sets

Dan Gamliel: Time delay in chemical exchange during an NMR pulse

Isaac García: Non-isolated \(T\)-periodic orbits of \(T\)-periodic differential equations through inverse Jacobi multipliers

Aigars Gedroics: On semi-discrete problems’ analytic solutions for some equations of mathematical physics with periodic boundary conditions

Anna Gołębiewska: Bifurcation of periodic solutions of asymptotically linear autonomous Hamiltonian system

Isabell Graf: Homogenization of a carcinogenesis model with different scalings with the homogenization parameter

Maite Grau: Centers in the trigonometric Abel equation

Pelin Güven Geredeli: On the quasilinear degenerate parabolic equations

Petr Hasil: Oscillation constant for half-linear equations with asymptotically almost periodic coefficients

Didier Henrion: Semidefinite optimization for measure-valued differential equations

Dieu Hung Hoang: Anisotropic level-set equation in relative geometry

Kota Ikeda: Interactions of traveling spots in a reaction-diffusion system

Sachiko Ishida: Boundedness of global solutions to degenerate Keller-Segel systems

Naoyuki Ishimura: Attractors for the magnetic Bénard problem

Tetsuya Ishiwata: Spiral-shaped solutions to crystalline motion with a moving tip

Angela Jimenez-Casas: General model of traffic flow in a network

Ryuji Kajikiya: Positive solutions of the \(p\)-Laplace Emden-Fowler equation in hollow thin symmetric domains

Petr Kaplický: Regularity of weak solutions to \(p\)-Laplace and \(p\)-Stokes systems

János Karsai: Meanfield and cellular automata models of competitions in metapopulations with overcolonization

Nobuyuki Kato: Abstract size-structured population dynamics in Banach spaces

Tatsuki Kawakami: Large time behavior of solutions of a semilinear elliptic equation with a dynamical boundary condition

Nobuyuki Kenmochi: A mathematical model for the recovery of human and economic activities in disaster regions

Andrii Khrabustovskyi: Periodic differential operators with asymptotically predefined spectral gaps

Tomáš Kisela: Stability regions for fractional difference equations

Piotr Kokocki: Connecting orbits for nonlinear evolution equations at resonance

Jana Kopfová: Fatigue accumulation in oscillating termoelastoplastic structures with hysteresis, part II (mathematics)

Aleksey Kostenko: Forward-backward diffusion equations and indefinite spectral problems

Jadranka Kraljević: Quasilinear elliptic equations with positive exponent on the gradient

David Krejčiřík: The Brownian traveller on manifolds

Ondřej Kreml: Global ill-posedness for compressible isentropic Euler system

Wojciech Kryszewski: The generalized Krasnosel’skii formula for semilinear differential equations and periodic solutions

Kota Kumazaki: Large time behavior of a solution for carbon dioxide transport model in concrete carbonation process

Minkyu Kwak: Regularity of solutions of 3D Navier-Stokes equations in a Lipschitz domain for small data

Eun Kyoung Lee: Three solutions theorem for \(p\)-Laplacian problems with a sign-changing singular weight and its application

Yong-Hoon Lee: A new solution operator for \(p\)-Laplacian systems with sign-changing singular weights

Tomáš Ligurský: A continuation problem for computing solutions of discretised evolution problems

Jian-Jhong Lin: Existence, uniqueness and stability of traveling wave fronts for delayed cellular neural networks

Rodica Luca-Tudorache: Multiple positive solutions for a higher-order multi-point boundary value problem

Václav Mácha: \(L^q\) theory for generalized Stokes system under perfect slip boundary condition

Marek T. Malinowski: On set-valued and fuzzy stochastic differential equations

Rainer Mandel: Minimal energy solutions for repulsive nonlinear Schrödinger systems

Stepan S. Manko: Approximations of quantum-graph vertex couplings by singularly scaled

Robert Mařík: Riccati technique for delayed half-linear differential equation

Hideaki Matsunaga: Formal adjoint theory and asymptotic formula of solutions of integral equations with infinite delay

Hiroshi Matsuzawa: Sharp estimate of the spreading speed determined by nonlinear free boundary problems

Susanna Maza: Properties of monodromic singularities on center manifolds in \(\mathbb R^3\) characterized from Lie symmetries

Dagmar Medková: The Robin problem for the scalar Oseen equation

Milan Medveď: Functional-differential equations with Riemann-Liouville fractional integrals in the nonlinearities

Alexander A. Minakov: Parametrices for the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation in a modulated elliptic wave region

Sara Monsurrò: \(L^p\) and \(W^{2,p}\)-estimates for solutions of elliptic equations in unbounded domains

Yoshihisa Morita: Spectral comparison in a reaction-diffusion system

Piotr Bogusław Mucha: Anisotropic singular models: 1D case

Yusuke Murase: Solvability of mathematical modeling for brewing process of Japanese Sake with unknown finish time

Petra Nábělková: Porous media flow with Preisach hysteresis

Luděk Nechvátal: On a linear fractional difference equation

Emil Novruzov: Blow-up phenomena for Dullin-Gottwald-Holm equation with dissipative term

Hirokazu Ohya: Embedding properties for weighted Sobolev spaces in unbounded domains

Alejandro Omón Arancibia: The size of vorticity and its connection with pressure in nonlinear Navier-Stokes equations

Alejandro Omón Arancibia: On the stability of the initial conditions for the parabolic Gelfand Problem

Masakazu Onitsuka: Attractivity implies stability for half-linear differential systems with time-varying coefficients

Tomasz Piasecki: Strong solutions to the stationary compressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier system

Alexander Pimenov: Effects of noise on a periodic solution of a system of nonlinear delay-differential equations in application to semiconductor lasers

Milan Pokorný: Steady compressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier system

Zdeněk Pospíšil: Travelling wave in a time-discrete reaction-diffusion equation

Nataliya P. Protsakh: Direct and inverse problems for semilinear higher order ultraparabolic equation

Petra Pustějovská: On existence analysis of steady flows of generalized Newtonian fluids with concentration dependent power-law index

Josef Rebenda: Stability of functional differential systems with a finite number of delays

Lutz Recke: Hopf bifurcation for dissipative hyperbolic PDEs

Volker Reitmann: Bifurcations of invariant measures in discrete-time parameter dependent cocycles

Svitlana P. Rogovchenko: Dynamics of a single species in a fluctuating environment

Yuriy V. Rogovchenko: Oscillation of a class of nonlinear neutral differential equations

Pavel Řehák: Extreme solutions to a system of \(n\) nonlinear differential equations and regularly varying functions

Svajūnas Sajavičius: Radial basis function method for multidimensional elliptic equation with nonlocal conditions

Naoki Sato: Solvability of a one dimentional free boundary problem for adsorption phenomena

Anton Savostianov: Smooth attractors for quintic wave equations with fractional damping

Sebastian Schwarzacher: BMO estimates for \(p\)-parabolic systems

Karel Segeth: Smooth approximation of data and its application

Naoki Shioji: Uniqueness of positive radial solutions of \(\Delta u+g(r)u+h(r)u^p=0\) and its applications

Inbo Sim: Existence and uniqueness results for \(p(x)\)-Laplacian with degeneracy

Antonín Slavík: Diffusion-type dynamic equations with discrete-space domains

Siniša Slijepčević: An ergodic Poincaré-Bendixson theorem for extended scalar reaction-diffusion equations

Jan Stebel: Incompressible limits of fluids excited by moving boundaries

Piotr Stefaniak: Symmetry breaking of solutions of non-cooperative elliptic systems

Francisco Javier Suárez-Grau: Effective flow of quasi-newtonian fluid through a domain with a slightly rough bottom

Volodymyr Sushch: Discrete model of the Dirac-Kähler equation

Toshiyuki Suzuki: Critical case of nonlinear Schrödinger equations with inverse-square potentials

Jiří Šremr: A counterpart of the Kamenev theorem for second-order linear differential equations

Tadie: Oscillation criteria for some third order ordinary differential equations

Futoshi Takahashi: Convergence for a 2D elliptic problem with large exponent in nonlinearity

Satoshi Tanaka: Morse index and symmetry-breaking for positive solutions of one-dimensional Hénon type equations

Tomoyuki Tanigawa: Asymptotic analysis of positive decreasing solutions of a class of systems of second order nonlinear differential equations in the framework of regular variation

J. Ignacio Tello: On chemotactic systems with competitive terms

Petr Tomášek: On stability regions of modified midpoint method applied to linear delay differential equation

Yutaka Tsuzuki: Existence and uniqueness of solutions to \(p\)-Laplacian parabolic equations with constraints coupled with Navier-Stokes equations in 2D domains

Hiroyuki Usami: Existence of solutions of integral equations related to inverse problems of quasilinear ordinary differential equations

Jiří Vala: Identification of material characteristics in heat and mass transfer

Vladimir B. Vasilyev: Dirichlet and Neumann problems in multi-dimensional cone

Tomáš Vejchodský: Deterministic and stochastic models of circadian rhythms

Michal Veselý: Limit periodic homogeneous linear difference systems

Rostislav Vodák: Diffusion with self-induced convection

Irina Volinsky: About unique solvability and positivity of Green’s functions for impulsive delay equations

Barbora Volná: Chaotic behaviour of continuous dynamical system generated by Euler equation branching in plane \(\mathbb R^2\) and its application in macroeconomics

Hiroshi Watanabe: Energy-dissipations in multidimensional Kobayashi-Warren-Carter models of grain boundaries

Paweł Wilczyński: Distributional chaos and heteroclinic solutions in planar polynomial ODEs

Aneta Wróblewska-Kamińska: The Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation in \(R^3\) as a limit of compressible Naver-Stokes-Fourier with low Mach number

Masakazu Yamamoto: Asymptotic expansion of solutions to the dissipative equation with fractional dissipation

Naoto Yamaoka: Global existence and nonexistence of solutions for second-order nonlinear differential equations

Nikos Yannakakis: Surjectivity of non-linear operators from a Banach space into itself

Tomomi Yokota: Boundedness of solutions to parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel systems

Kentarou Yoshii: Solvability of the complex Ginzburg-Landau type equation

Beata Zduniak: The analysis of stability of solutions for two coupled van der Pol’s equations in a description of the heart action.

Maria Ziemlanska: Method of lines for parabolic stochastic functional partial differential

Manuel Francisco Zuloeta Jimenez: Weak almost periodic motions, minimality and stability in impulsive semidynamical systems