Prague, August 26 – 30, 2013

Invited speakers

Nalini Anantharaman
Quantum ergodicity on large regular graphs

Miroslav Bulíček
On Hölder continuity of solution to elliptic systems & variational integrals

Sylvain Ervedoza
On the local exact controllability of the 1-d compressible Navier-Stokes equation

Martin J. Gander
Multigrid for Helmholtz equations just does not work! Or does it?

Peter Kloeden
Random ordinary differential equations and their numerical approximation

Irena Lasiecka
Global wellposedness of a third order in time nonlinear wave equation arising in high intensity ultrasound (HIU)

Jean Mawhin
Nonlinear boundary value problems involving the extrinsic mean curvature operator

Alessio Porretta
Long time average of Mean Field Games

Carlos Rocha
Sturm global attractors and Morse decompositions

Philippe Souplet
Nondegeneracy of blow-up points for the parabolic Keller-Segel system

Roman Srzednicki
A topological approach to computing the Conley index of Poincaré maps

Zdeněk Strakoš
On adaptivity, convergence and inexact algebraic computations in numerical solution of partial differential equations

Daniel Ševčovič
On a gradient flow of plane curves minimizing the isoperimetric ratio in the relative geometry

Marius Tucsnak
Some recent advances on time optimal control problems for infinite dimensional systems

Alberto Valli
The electrostatics problem with a dipole source: theoretical results and numerical approximation

Juan J. L. Velázquez
Singularity formation in some kinetic models

Tobias Weth
Liouville type theorems for a class of non-cooperative elliptic systems

Eiji Yanagida
Removable and non-removable singularities in parabolic equations